Naughty squirrel has a weakness for milkshakes

Nut food is out, milkshakes are in! At least that seems to be the shot of the little croissant in this video. He quickly scurries around in the trash can in the park. But if you think that the fluffy animal is looking for grains or nuts, you're wrong. Little Fratz would rather grab a mug with a delicious drink in it.

The cute little boy eagerly digs through the garbage and quickly finds it: a milkshake has done the croissant! The sporty animal snatches the mug, removes the annoying straw, hops out of the bucket and quickly brings his treasure to safety so that no one can snatch his object of desire from him. With its tiny teeth and claws, it then tries to loosen the plastic lid of the jar. Plop, the little fur carrier has already opened the mug. Now the clever croissant can sip his drink with relish! Great!

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