Myth or Truth: Do Animals Have a Sixth Sense?

Many animals have the most amazing skills that humans can only dream of. Some can fly, others are very fast and still others have a fantastic sense of smell. But do animals also have a sixth sense? Can dogs, cats and other animals predict the future? - Shutterstock / DragoNika

How is it that dogs sense when their owner or owner is sick, or play animals crazy when a natural disaster is imminent? It is often said that animals have a sixth sense and may even be clairvoyant. But is that true?

Guess catastrophes with the sixth sense?

Whether tsunamis, volcanic eruptions or forest fires - animals seem to be able to predict these natural disasters. In December 2004, the tsunami in Asia is said to have killed hardly any animals, but tens of thousands of people. It is believed that the elephants, mice and co. Got to safety in time because they knew about the giant wave intuitively beforehand.

Humans have often observed how animals become restless and behave differently than usual before earthquakes, fires or volcanic eruptions. Several studies have also confirmed the suspicion that dogs can suspect diseases such as cancer or epileptic seizures of their favorite person. But since animals usually perceive their environment very differently from humans, and their sense organs are sometimes very different, it is difficult to find a clear answer to the question of the sixth sense in animals.

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Animals are often "more subtle" than humans

Humans essentially rely on their minds, their language and their sense of sight to grasp, understand and find their way around their environment. For this purpose, animals only have their sensory organs, which vary depending on the animal species and breed. An excellent sense of smell, fine hearing that can hear particularly low and high frequencies, a sensitive sense of touch or the ability to see at dusk help dogs, cats and other animals to survive.

So maybe it's not a sixth sense that makes animals seem to predict catastrophes, but a particularly fine perception of their environment. For example, elephants have ears so good that they could hear the tsunami in Asia from afar; Furthermore, their sense of touch is so excellent that they can feel the finest vibrations in the floor. Dogs do not guess disease through its sixth sense, but sniff out the subtly changed smell of masters or mistresses.

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