Anxiety Disorder Cat: How To Help Her

If you want to help a cat with anxiety disorder to overcome its fear, you need to be patient and very sensitive. Sometimes even the help of a cat psychologist is needed to treat the house tiger. A cat with anxiety disorder can be treated. - Image: Shutterstock / misuma

A cat with anxiety disorder crawls under the sofa when strangers come, does not even want to be touched by masters or mistresses, or reacts to every little stimulus with aggression or immediate flight. No wonder that as a cat owner you want to do everything you can to help the frightened tiger. But that rarely works overnight.

Treat cat with anxiety disorders

For a cat with anxiety disorder, you should also take a lot of time in everyday use and be careful not to increase your fear with hectic movements or loud noises. If the house tiger crawls away when there are strangers in the house, do not try to get him out of hiding, it will only make things worse.

You should also avoid touching or hugging your pet against his will if possible. However, you can reward the cat with a treat if it has taken heart and is coming to you on its own. It helps if you talk to the cat a lot - in a soft, soft tone so that the velvet paw gets used to your voice and no longer perceives you as a threat.

Recognizing anxiety disorder in cats: possible symptoms

When cats are very shy or extremely aggressive, very few owners think of an anxiety disorder ...

Strengthen trust with professional help

If the symptoms of the anxiety disorder do not improve despite loving and patient handling, it is advisable to consult an expert. An appropriately trained veterinarian or cat psychologist is often able to help the cat with behavioral therapy. The aim of such treatment is to strengthen trust and the bond between humans and animals. With the help of a therapist, the cat learns that it can overcome anxiety-provoking situations when its caregiver is present.

Treatment with Bach flowers

In addition, you can also try treating your house tiger with Bach flowers for cats. A mixture of Aspen, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum and Mimulus flowers can help a cat with anxiety disorder. If you order the Bach flower mixture in the pharmacy, make sure that you order the preparations without alcohol or fruit vinegar. Give your cat four drops of the liquid flower essence one to three times a day. In order not to stress the anxious cat unnecessarily, you can simply add the drops to drinking water or feed. Important: Even with an anxiety disorder, you should first consult with the veterinarian as to whether you can treat your cat with Bach flowers.

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