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Maine-Coon: XXL domestic cat

Maine-Coon: XXL domestic cat

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The Maine-Coon is a large cat with an impressive appearance and half-length fur. She is considered friendly, gentle and very affectionate. Can you resist the look of a Maine Coon cat? Not really! - Image: Shutterstock / eZeePics Studio Even as a young cat, the Maine Coon already has a fluffy fur - Image: Shutterstock / butterflydream The Maine Coon is a friendly cat that often gets along well with dogs - Image: Shutterstock / Okeanas The eyes of the Maine Coon are bright and expressive - Image: (CC) Flickr / Sonja Pauen Clear: The Maine Coon is not only a beautiful cat from afar - Image: Shutterstock / Vlue The Maine Coon likes to climb and then enjoys the view - Image: Shutterstock / Okeanas Her beautiful fur gives the Maine Coon an extravagant look - Image: Shutterstock / Csaba Vanyi "Who is that?" This Maine Coon cat has probably never seen a puppy - Image: Shutterstock / Okeanas Imposing but meek: Maine Coon cat in all its glory - Image: Shutterstock / niall dunne

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