Shy mini octopus enchants scientists

The scientists in the video have a lot of fun doing their work. They dived into the sea on the California coast with a submarine to observe the underwater world. A researcher is trying to record data when a colleague interrupts him: "Wait a minute, look, it looks like a photo!" And indeed: A small shark, a graceful red jellyfish and a tiny octopus have put themselves in position and look adorable. The small octopus is particularly appealing to the scientists.

"Do we want to zoom in on the small octopus again before we reappear?" Asks one researcher, who receives enthusiastic approval from her colleagues. In close-up, the orange animal with the button eyes is even prettier than from a distance. "Hello, little fellow!" Exclaims a scientist with delight. "Oooh" and "Aaah" make his colleagues and seem totally in love with the sweet sea creature. He seems to be waving at the researchers with his fins on his head, which look a bit like sail ears.

But something seems to intimidate the little guy, because suddenly he raises his tentacles and cuddles his head into it. The scientists suspect that he doesn't like the glaring light, so they decide to leave the octopus alone and dive back to the surface.

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