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Is the cat blind? Recognize signs

Often, cat owners don't realize until late that their cat is blind. Because cats have an excellent sense of touch, hearing and smell and are able to orient themselves well even without eyesight. However, certain signs indicate a blind cat. You can tell whether your cat is blind by various signs - Image: Shutterstock / Dora Zett

There are various reasons why a cat becomes blind. As with humans, glaucoma or cataracts can be responsible for the loss of eyesight. Untreated high blood pressure often leads to retinal detachment, which blinds the cat. Sometimes blindness is also genetic or a symptom of eye inflammation. As a blind cat often finds it very easy to find its way around, its owners often do not immediately recognize that their pet can no longer see.

Signs of loss of eyesight

You could tell that your cat is blind, for example, from the fact that the room tiger suddenly runs against objects or pieces of furniture. This happens especially if the objects were recently in another place and the cat has not yet had the opportunity to find out in another way. Another sign that your pet can no longer see is that the cat is only moving along the walls instead of crossing a room directly. It is a similar signal if the velvet paw still climbs up the scratching post, but only climbs down very slowly and carefully.

If the cat suddenly goes blind and has not had time to get used to it, you can also recognize this by the fact that your pet is suddenly startled if you touch it or are reluctant to be picked up. Sudden loud noises can scare a blind cat.

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If the cat is blind: physical symptoms

There may also be external signs of blindness on the cat's eyes. Caution is advised if the cat's pupils enlarge unnaturally or appear uneven. A clouding of the eye or a change in eye color can also indicate blindness.

You can test whether your cat is reacting with your eyes, for example by moving your hand back and forth in front of your eyes and checking whether it shows a defense reaction. Similarly, you can test your cat's eyesight by dropping a cotton ball or a soft cloth ball and seeing if the cat follows the toy with his eyes.

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