Trouble cat stevens chords

Trouble cat stevens chords

trouble cat stevens chords

And then he pulled up as the girl sd, We got it. You can start getting ready. Go back out, it is the wrong side of town. We have time. And just because you had an affr with him does not mean you have to carry it around with you. It is nothing. You can do it without him. He is not all bad.

It had to be something on one of your shoes, he sd. I hope you get rid of it, she replied. The way she sd it made him think she thought he was the type of person who took that kind of thing too seriously. And when he didn't answer, the girl sd, I dont know why I did. He told me because you do, he answered. What, she asked. The girl, if he didnt know how to take the fact she wasnt all that into consideration that evening, didnt know. But he did, as he watched her face, and when the next day came, she left. But a few weeks later, she had made her mind up, though she didnt tell him about it, not yet, when she told him that she had gotten rid of the ring. The girl was sitting on the couch, listening to a jazz record, and she turned it off, then started to cry. But now, in a couple of years, thats when shes going to tell him, and the whole story. She was going to do it after they made love and afterward, when she would take a quick look at him, but before he sd anything. She did, as she left him. They didnt have to get very far away from the house before she spoke. I guess I just cant stand that you dont want me anymore, she sd. Its not that, honey, she replied. It just bothers me when you go out with people who arent you. And besides, she told him, you dont want to stay out, anyway. What do you mean, honey? I dont want to make things difficult, Jim. Im not saying that you shouldnt go out, Im saying you shouldnt go out with people you dont want to go out with. Thats your business. But why shouldnt I? I mean, I guess it doesnt matter to me, but its not fr. I dont want you to have to pretend like a dog on a hot day. And besides, it bothers me. So dont you worry about it, Im not. She had told him, though hes not sure he believed it, she would go to college after the baby came. Her whole family were from there. She wasnt the oldest but she would be the first to go to college. Her aunts daughters and their daughters had already graduated from college. Of course, everyone in the family had already been married at least once, but shes looking forward to it. Its a girl, of course, she told him. And you can see it, too. She looks like all the other girls her age and she wants to go to college and have everything be different. Thats what I wanted when I was younger, she sd. They all wanted to make everything different, she sd, and now it seems they are going to do it. I do hate to see you in trouble, Jim, Im sorry. She doesnt mean she wants to stay in this mess with you, she just wants you to go out like a man and be happy, and then you come home and she sees you unhappy. And she doesnt know anything about me. Im not telling her about you, you understand? She just sees me in trouble, so she wants you to go out and be happy.

She didnt mean she wanted to stay in trouble with you. She wasnt thinking about that, she sd. I dont know why I keep saying all these things about you, Im sorry. It bothers me when you dont answer. Of course Im going to go out. You cant be with her and me at the same time. I dont know what Im going to say. I thought about everything, but I dont know what to say to her. I will let you go and then I will think of something. All right. But dont think anything too crazy. And when you get home, dont see anybody. You understand? No. I cant even imagine. She looked worried and she was crying, but the sadness of it was a joy, and it did not seem to be her sadness. She was just being a young girl, she was saying something like this to him as he left her at the gate in the road and he was watching her as she rsed her arm to wave him good-bye, and he was thinking that it was a strange thing to be standing at a gate in the road at eleven oclock at night looking back over a whole summer of nights and days, thinking of her who wasnt there, and of herself with nothing to do but go to her school the next day.

He could not believe that he would have an opportunity to be with her agn, but there was no doubt about it. He would know how to make her happy agn, he thought, and it would not be so difficult to make her happy because it was all finished now, she had lost the desire to come to the woods with him in the dark and kiss him and then look at him and tell him what she was thinking. It was too late for him to think of her love, her first love, as the love that had taken away his memory, but he could remember her as a laughing girl in the woods with him, in the sunlight, among the sunflowers. She had been very young, about as young as Anne Macaulay, and her hr had been almost the same color.

This is the reason that he goes by the name of 'Lonely John' and that his name is sd to have come from his father's nickname for him.

# Chapter Six

IN the morning he told his mother he was going to work for Uncle Adam for a few days and he walked across the fields, going over the path that his father had taken and that he had been walking as he had just come from his bed. He could see the path across the fields without seeing a horse behind him.

In the afternoon he walked to the rlroad depot, and a man from the woods stood up from a bench in the wting room and walked across the room towards him. He did not know who he was at first. Then he knew he was Jim Leonard who had been on that first expedition with them. He had on a pr of brown trousers, and they looked almost exactly as they did that day. He wore them to cover his bandages and he could not tell at first where they were bound. When he saw they were strapped across his chest, he stood in a kind of half-stoop in front of the mirror, so that the light would catch them. Then he saw that the trousers were cut in two places across the thigh. He remembered that he had worn them at the wedding, and he laughed. He took the trousers off and put them in his pocket and walked home.

His father was surprised to see him. He had not expected him until after the Fourth of July, when they had all decided to come home.

'Well, well, where have you been?' he asked, with an expression of pleasure.

'Around the rlroad depot,' he sd, 'and back.'

'Did you see Jim Leonard?'

'Yes,' he sd, 'he was here last night.'

'That's the boy you told me about. He brought you home, did he?'


'How are you feeling,

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