Unusual rescue of ducklings with a happy ending

When the duck mom goes for a walk with her chicks, the small fleece balls occasionally fall into a gully. Fortunately, there are heroes like Gary in this video who saves the cute ducklings. The duck mom is so happy and relieved - it makes your heart warm.

It took Gary half an hour to free the tiny misfortune ravens from their predicament. He had tried to lift the grate off the gully with iron bars and even a forklift ... but to no avail. Without further ado he and a helper grab hold of small landing nets and gently guide the nets through the bars of the gully. Then let the ducklings crawl into the net one by one and carefully lift them out again. The rescued chicks hurry to their mom, who is waiting patiently for them. "Fiep, fiep, fiep", the ducklings greet their found family. "Quack, quack," thanks the duck mother to her two-legged heroes. How nice that there is a happy ending for the cute duck family after this fright.

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