Which pet suits me? Selection tips

Would you like animal accompaniment in everyday life? Then the next question is which pet suits you. In order to enable both you and the animal to live together as comfortably as possible, you should not resolve this question spontaneously, but carefully. Dog, cat or small animal: which animal friend is perfect for you? - Shutterstock / Rita Kochmarjova

The question of which pet suits you can only be answered individually - your living situation is just as important here as the time that you can invest for the animal family connection. In any case, it is not enough to choose an animal that is particularly cute, cute or fascinating, both sides must also match: the animal and its needs must be well integrated into your everyday life, and you should enable it to be kept in a manner that is as species-appropriate as possible ,

Dog and cat: four-legged family members

For many people, dogs or cats are at the top of the wish list when choosing the right pet. No wonder: the popular four-legged friends often build a very close bond with their owner and quickly become real family members. Dogs not only need a lot of space in the living room, you should also take them for a walk every day. A garden for the run can also contribute to species-appropriate husbandry.

Cats, on the other hand, can also be kept well if you only have an apartment without a garden available. However, you should take time to play with the kitty every day. Regular cleaning of the litter box also requires some effort. Also keep in mind: dogs and cats can get very old, so you should be willing to take care of them for several years.

Cats and boxes: what fits, fits!

Rodents with little space and time

If you have a small apartment and also have little time, a rodent could be the roommate of your choice: mice or hamsters take up comparatively little space with their cage and also require relatively little attention - even though these little fellows like to, as soon as they are tame be caressed.

They are also very suitable for children who want to learn how to handle animals. However, teach your offspring right from the start that regular cage care and daily feeding are essential here. Depending on whether you choose mice, guinea pigs or hamsters, you need a cage of different sizes. It is best to inquire at the pet shop before buying so that you can estimate the space required.