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Prevent heat stroke in cats in summer

Cats can usually find cool cookies themselves in summer, but they are not completely immune to heat stroke. What is the best way to prevent the risk of heat? Sun is beautiful, but shade is also, says the pretty red cat - Shutterstock / Steve Mann

The summer heat can be particularly painful for house cats, as rooms heat up quickly and the house tigers have no way of blowing a breath of wind around their noses. Freeloaders have it a little easier, but are not completely protected from heat stroke.

Keep house cats away from heat stroke

It can get very hot in attic apartments or houses with a lot of direct sunlight over large window fronts. Cats do not have the option to evade this and risk a heat stroke. You can prevent this by closing the curtains during the day and keeping the windows closed when it's really hot. You should only ventilate at night when the temperatures have dropped somewhat.

Place water sources all over the house, ideally drinking fountains, since bacteria do not accumulate as quickly in running water as in standing water in a bowl. Because even with adequate hydration you can prevent heat stroke in cats. A cold tiled floor can also cool you down. If available, do not cover it completely with carpet, for example.

Also try not to leave your room tigers alone for too long in high heat. Then you can react in time if the fur nose gets too hot. Moistened towels and lukewarm water provide quick relief. Ice-cold water is not recommended in the event of overheating, since the large temperature difference only makes the poor velvet paw more difficult.

Prevent heatstroke from free movers

For outdoor enthusiasts, numerous water sources and cat fountains should also be available in the garden or at the house. Better put up a few more bowls in summer - neighboring cats will also thank you. As many trees, bushes and overhangs as possible should provide shade in the garden, into which the kitty can retreat.

In the summer, it is particularly nice for both outdoors and house cats if they can hide in a cooler room such as the basement, pantry or bathroom. If possible, it is advisable to give them access to it - especially if you are at work all day. The easiest way to prevent your velvet paw from overheating.

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